Please note this site was built for the 2020 election and is no longer being updated.

What data does have? allows you to check whether your early or mail-in ballot was received by your election office for the November 3, 2020 election. is an independent website that uses public data released by the State of Texas. We are not an election authority, and we do not maintain the official records. We simply provide a convenient way to search the records released by the State.

Why does it say my ballot can't be found? provides a way to search the public data released by the State of Texas. We update our database once per day, and we only have data on early voting ballots and mail-in ballots, not ballots cast on election day. The data we receive from the state can sometimes be incomplete.

If you don't see you ballot listed here, and you voted early or by mail, you should contact your local elections office.

Can you tell me who I voted for?

No. provides a way to search the publicly data released by the State of Texas. The data includes only information about who voted, not who they voted for. Who you voted for is secret, and is not released to anyone.

Why does my name show up twice? Why does my name show up when I didn't vote?

If you are searching by putting in your name and county, remember that there may be other people in your county (or even several other people in your county) with the same name as you. The most reliable way to check is to use your Texas voter ID number, which is unique to you.

If my ballot was received, does that mean it was counted? only has the data released by the State of Texas about which ballots were received. The state does not tell us whether the ballots were counted or rejected, but the vast majority of received ballots are counted.

Who runs is run by VoteAmerica with data from the State of Texas. VoteAmerica is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization, and does not support or oppose any political candidate or party. VoteAmerica is an independent organization. We do not run elections, count ballots, or maintain official records.

I would like to contact or VoteAmerica

If you would like to inquire about the status of your ballot or have any questions about voting or about the election, contact your local elections office. VoteAmerica cannot provide any more information other than what is displayed on this website.

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